Keiki Favorite, Splatter ART!

For week 2, by popular demand, we did splatter art! Prior to getting messy outside, we did a color mixing demo inside. Keirra, one of the students who was really inspired by splatter art last quarter brought extra wood pallets for the rest of the class. Thank you Keirra and Malia! The lesson also included using our feelings and emotions to splatter the paint. We love how freeing it is to just let go and see what the paint does without trying to force a result. We also splattered on recycled denim. One of Na Keiki O Halele'a's new projects is having a booth at the farmers market on Saturdays here at Hale Halawai where we do our classes. We are trying to get creative with things to sell that the keiki's love is in to raise money for the foundation. If anyone has any ideas please contact Paige or Noe!