The Awakening

I landed in Bali and a familiar feeling settled within me. I felt blessings coming. A calm swept over me and I felt at home. 

A childhood friend by the name of Max picked me up. It was interesting to me how good it felt to see a familiar face again. It had been a while. The familiarity made me feel loved. I knew this was going to be everything I was hoping for.

Max has lived in Bali since birth and knew everything one needed to know to have a magical experience. The exploration began. From uncrowded secret surf spots, hidden trails, mystical waterfalls, and far away cafes. We lived each day with the freedom, laughs, games, and love of small children. We had Nerf Gun battles in Moroccan castles. Backflipped into italian designed infinity pools. We ate like kings and were treated like La Familia everywhere we went. 

I connected with new friends like I never have before. I helped strangers overcome life obstacles. I built friendships that will last a lifetime. I taught techniques and watched major shifts in people's lives occur. Watching tears of amazement and joy fall over and over again. Then something happened that made me realize clearly that every struggle, every moment had lead me here for this...

On the last day in Uluwatu I was given a gift. It was from a new friend I had helped. She told me she was waiting for a long time for me to come. She knew now it was time to pass on a book that she had been gifted. She said it called to me now. I received a tiny black book. Only 120 pages long. As I read the words. They spoke directly to me. As if the book was written just for me. Was this real? As I dove deeper. Each sentence addressed me. All my questions and issues I had been struggling with were discussed in detail. I felt a clarity and lift happening the farther I read. Never had I read something that affected me the way this tiny black book had. An understanding began and as all things fall back to this earth my soul fell and I felt a grounding, deeper than ever before. 

Just as I thought things could not get any better. I broke through an invisible ceiling and reached a new plateau. Four days in Ubud that would raise my consciousness to new levels.

In these four days I would connect spiritually with people deeply in ways I had yet to experience. I would attend ecstatic dance ceremonies and dance for hours non-stop with over 300 people. I would arrive at the Bali Flow Temple and feel the collective consciousness of 200 beautiful souls all in sync. Harrensing powers I doubted existed. I would learn more about awareness and meditation than I ever had before. I would truly feel how intense the vibration of life can be if you are able to tune in to it. 

Everything was different after Ubud. It had shown me things I had only read or heard about. I could never really completely express how good Bali was for me. It was everything I needed, exactly when I needed it. 

I had one more stop left. It was the one stop on all my stops around the world that I was most excited to visit. The way things were going I knew it was going to be nothing short of a miracle. 

So I stepped onto my last leg of the journey. New Zealand was calling....