Longues Promenades Nouveaux Amis

Arriving in Paris with no time to spare I was excited to wander the streets. With only a day to do so before I was off to Biarritz. I knew I must get out and see this place. Known for its history and ancient stories to tell. Cobblestone streets and museums of art. So I set out on foot with a new friend and began the journey.

The first thing to catch my eye were the statues on every corner. In every park and on every bridge. Dating back to the 1600's. Works of astonishing art. Meticulous and bold and each so unique. The next thing was the architecture. The design of the city and its bridges. The buildings speaking to you with their towering arches and calming colors. Like a blind man gaining his sight I walked looking in every direction, down every alley, exploring every park.

Eventually I found myself at the iconic Eiffel Tower. Surprised by its color and texture it was much more industrial than I expected. Overflowing with tourist we walked beneath feeling its looming presence and went to view it from the grass field filled with locals and romantic couples. 

Spending the rest of the day visiting the sites I was struck by how old this city was. How most historic sites were older than the United States itself. Making me stand in awe how small and young I felt in the presence of the immortal churches. The churches were what struck me the hardest. How persistent they were at making you feel like a spec in the house of God. How did they build these monstrosities I kept asking myself. How are they still here and still telling their tales of suffering and savior. 

It was time to go but I knew the history, churches, and art were just beginning. Next stop southern france in the town of Biarritz, Bayonne, and Anglet. Au revoir Paris