RTW Project Day #1


It's day one and the packing has begun. With such a diverse array of locations, I find it hard to pack light. Needing different things for different climates bags quickly become heavy. One back pack and one duffel bag is what I have been able to narrow it all down to.

I started to plan this trip after my fiancé of 4 years left. I was broken. Knowing there was only two ways to go in the situation. Up or down. I decided to go up. All the way up ;)

I wanted to get out. I wanted to take the next step in my life. I knew it was time. To build something bigger than myself. Something that would be around after my time here on earth was finished. 

I am doing this trip to inspire others to make a difference. To take the leap and get outside their comfort zone. I had no clue how it was all going to work. I just bought the ticket and had faith. I knew that if I stayed focused and worked hard it would all fall into place.

In the last week its been a crazy scramble. Setting up the automation of my business here Kauai Adventure Fitness. Finalizing the work for our third quarter of programs for N.K.O.H.,  that begin the day I return to Hawaii. Of course the farewells and goodbyes also.

The hardest thing to leave is going to be the energy here on Kauai. Its so calming and healing. I know I will start to yearn for that peace. My family and friends will be missed dearly but I think it's my baby sister who I will miss the most. I will be missing her 6th birthday and am not to happy about it. 

I can't wait to be in LA though. I have some amazing friends there and will be working with some incredible people. I am looking forward to dancing, training some MMA and connecting with some awesome yoga instructor's to further my practice in Ashtanga.

Thanks for tuning in. Next stop L.A.