City of Dreams...City of Angels

My time in Los Angeles has come to an end. A part of me wants to spend more time in the chaos. The consistent hustle and grind to become something, somebody. I know that I will be back again soon. The energy is addictive. So much happening everywhere you go. I see how easy it is to lose yourself in it all. The beauty and creativity of the city is captivating. The diversity of people and their many styles all so different yet so similar. Everyone is dressed to impress even if their ensemble screams otherwise. Everyone with their own swagger. From hipster to hippie, gangster to grimy. Millionair to model. Fashion seems to conquer all.

My time spent here was incredible. There are people here really making a difference. People dedicated to enriching the lives of the kids in this city. People doing their best to help children out of the situations that they unwillingly were given. It is surprising how many different amazing organizations are around the city. All doing their part to add to the collective movement towards a better future. 

I could feel the universal love for all children in the city. With such a mix of ethnic backgrounds race seems to fade away when it comes to the kids. Smiles seem to radiate from each child. Mentors passionate about their work. Understanding what they are doing is really making a difference in these kids lives. People that know their purpose. Know what needs to be done and are working everyday to accomplish just that.  

I learned that like in most places, but especially here that it is essential that we teach these children how to slow down. In a place so filled with movement and progression it is easy to lose who you are. You start projecting who everyone else wants you to be. Who you think you need to be to be "somebody". It is not until we teach these children to calm the mind that they can really start asking the right questions. Start to understand who they themselves are at a deeper level. That is when these children will start becoming who they need to be to deal with the big issues that they will be facing. Issues bigger than anything we face today. 

Thank you Los Angeles. Thank you for the love, beauty, and inspiration. Next stop Florida.....