Shadow and Light with Kevin Ancell

For class this week, Kevin Ancell returned to share about using light and shadows in art to create depth and perception. The keiki followed along and now have a new tool to practice at home. We are so grateful to have guest artists like Kevin share what they believe to be important parts of their art process. Kevin has quite a few of his beautiful works displayed publicly in Hanalei. After the lesson, the class finished up their wood splatter art pieces by using "mixed media," and coloring on top of the splattered background with paint pens. Mahalo Kevin for joining us this week!


Keiki Favorite, Splatter ART!

For week 2, by popular demand, we did splatter art! Prior to getting messy outside, we did a color mixing demo inside. Keirra, one of the students who was really inspired by splatter art last quarter brought extra wood pallets for the rest of the class. Thank you Keirra and Malia! The lesson also included using our feelings and emotions to splatter the paint. We love how freeing it is to just let go and see what the paint does without trying to force a result. We also splattered on recycled denim. One of Na Keiki O Halele'a's new projects is having a booth at the farmers market on Saturdays here at Hale Halawai where we do our classes. We are trying to get creative with things to sell that the keiki's love is in to raise money for the foundation. If anyone has any ideas please contact Paige or Noe! 


Art Class Quarter 3 2017!

Aloha, we hope everyone had a great summer break! We are so excited to start up our classes again. This quarter we look forward to focusing on getting creative, incorporating cultural lessons, utilizing and being inspired by what we have and see around us, and connecting with other local artists to have fun and inspire the keiki! Our first class we talked about the exceptions of class and did a fun collaboration piece to demonstrate the magic of having a space where we can collaborate and share creativity together in a group setting! 



Gratitude and Joy

This was our last art class of the quarter before summer break. We started the class with a small potluck of snacks during journal time. Once we were settled in, we explained the importance of respect and taking care of the things and places we get to enjoy, like Hale Halawai, the most beautiful place for an art class to be held. Therefore, we spent the first half of the class cleaning and scrubbing the chairs, walls, tables and cabinets. The keiki had a blast giving back together! When we were finished with that, we went outside and made more splatter art, ending our quarter with a fun and free flow project. MAHALO to everyone who supported our classes, keiki, parents, and volunteers. 

Catching creativity with Vision Catchers

This week in the art program, we made vision catchers! We assembled the keiki's previously made splatter art fabric with guava wood into unique wall hangings meant to remind us to be creative. While decorating the pieces with feathers, beads and shells (collected and donated by everyone to share) we discussed what it meant to be creative, putting that intention into each vision catcher!

May Day is Lei Day

This week in celebration of May Day, the art class invited our aunties to help us make leis! Danielle and Malia shared with the class how to properly harvest, prepare and make a ti leaf lei. The keiki were taught to always ask permission before taking anything from the land, and to always put their love into their leis. We are so grateful to have had them as guests on such a special day. We ended class with a boat race with last week's boat project. The children used left over flowers to make offerings to bless the boats. Storm was our winner and he received a hand painted trophy! It was a beautiful afternoon!


For this weeks art project, we made boats out of the different parts of a coconut tree! The kids designed and decorated their own boats to be raced in the beginning of next class. The kids had a chance to get creative and innovative with sticks, husks, string and glue as well as expressive with the option to paint their finished designs. It was a great way to utilize the multi functional coconut tree, and of course so much fun! 


At art class this week we had a blast with leaf prints! First, as a group we walked around outside and collected different types of leaves that we thought would make cool prints. This is a fun project because it allows us to really pay attention to nature and the designs of each leaf when we look at these things as "art." Once we found enough leaves we came inside and first painted the leaves and then pressed them onto paper with rollers for even distribution! So fun and they all turned out beautiful!

How can I help make Kauai a better place?

Today in art we did a multi media contest! The kids were asked to create a piece demonstrating their ideas of how they can or already contribute to this beautiful place we call home, Kauai. There was a range of media to choose from including paints, pastels and pens. The kids ideas of how to help make this a better place ranged from making it more colorful with art to taking care of the land with gardening and picking up trash. When everyone was finished we had the kids decide the winner. Nala was the crowd favorite. Her piece was about gardening healthy vegetables and fruit that is good for us. She used crayons with detail and color to express her favorite way to help Kauai and received a $20 gift certificate to our favorite local art store, Magic Dragon toy and art supply. (located in the Princeville shopping center)

Welcome to Quarter 2 of Art!

This week we began our second quarter of programs! Art class was a small group due to the extension of spring break honoring Prince Kuhio Day, but we still managed to have fun and do a fun expressive portrait project. The keiki drew facial features on separate pieces of paper, then cut and glued them to make their own portrait. We decided the weirder the better! The kids then shared their piece and introduced themselves, and expressed what they would like to do this quarter in class. Were look forward for this round of classes! We've all got some great new ideas to play with!

Mahalo Quarter 1 and hello Spring Break!

We had our end of the quarter celebration on Friday at pine trees! We celebrated the experiences we shared during the first quarter of our programs for this year and also welcomed spring break before we begin our next quarter! We had some games and fun going on land, while some of the keiki showed off their skills they've been practicing in the water. It was great for everyone to gather and enjoy. Mahalo for everyones support and love. We appreciate you all so much!!!

Please sign up online for next quarters programs through our website link "program sign ups" and also make sure to register if you are new to our foundation!

It will be a first come first serve basis for our surf, art and martial arts programs this quarter beginning the week of March 26th and running through May.

Mahalo Quarter 1 2017

This week wrapped up the first quarter of 2017! For our final day of art, we had a painting/pizza party. The kids enjoyed some big scale splatter art and we also cruised in the shaded pavilion painting and finishing up any projects from the quarter that still needed a little love. We had fun, ate some pizza and shared our gratitude for each other and the opportunity to have this creative space. 

I <3 ART

This weeks art class was the start of an ongoing mural project with Kevin Ancell. The older kids used spray paint, a fun new medium, as the first layer. Afterward, the younger kids continued to add to the piece with paint pens and acrylic paint. We had a blast working together with no boundaries. The kids love to paint whatever comes to their minds which are brimming with creativity. 

Guest Artist; Mark Daniels

This week artist Mark Daniels joined us for a fun interactive project with driftwood "creatures" that Mark pre-constructed before class. The kids and Mark had the opportunity to bring these creatures to life with color. We spent the class painting and had so much fun working together. As a side project we had coconuts for the kids to paint individually. Mark plans to sell these creatures and offered to donate funds back in our programs. We are extremely grateful to have had Mark as a guest and everything he had to offer. Thank you Mark!

Guest Artist; Kevin Ancell

This week Kevin Ancell led art class. Kevin is an amazing artist and we were so excited and grateful to have him share with the kids. The kids were enthusiastic and focused in on what Kevin taught which was a little intro to perspective and shapes. It was a good time for everyone! We believe in the importance of exposing the keiki to different skills and types of art expressed through different people and also giving the opportunity to artists to share their love for art and the meaning it has for them. The combination is magic. Thank you Kevin!


Love Day Treats

In the first class of the quarter we asked the kids what they want to do in art class, and a big hit was "rice crispy treat art." In our class we like to give power to the kids creativity and ideas, so for our Valentines Day class we thought it would be a perfect class to have some sweet treats in art form.

Before we got started with the sweets and treats we used the recycled splatter art projects from last week to make Valentines cards for those we loved. Both projects were filled with so much love and fun! However we do look forward to going back to healthy snacks next week!

We thought the day couldn't get any sweeter but Set and her boys, Sunny and Seven brought us homemade sugar cookies! Thank you to the parents like Set who help and support our programs! We love you and your keiki!



We <3 Clay & Paint

Last week in art class we worked with clay. The kids each practiced using air-dry modeling clay by first making simple heart shapes. Then we gave them the opportunity to mold whatever they felt like creating. The kids are always excited to work with sculpting material. It feels good to create something so tangible! 

This week, now that the clay pieces were solid and dry, it was time to paint! In addition to painting the sculptures, each kid was given a piece of canvas to free paint. The beautiful space we are so lucky to enjoy at Hale Halawai Hanalei Community Center creates a wonderful and inspiring atmosphere to paint. The Hanalei landscape is easily appreciated by all levels of artists, and we got to take full advantage today as we moved our class outside to get a little silly and play while doing "splatter art" in the afternoon sun.


Who Am I?

Todays art class was focused on symbolism and expression. The kids made self portraits, but instead of focusing on making the portraits look realistic, we asked the kids to be more creative with their features in ways to express and represent who they are and what makes them unique. What that ended up looking like was art. 

Collaborative Beginnings in Art Class

Last week was our first art class of the quarter. We were excited to meet with the new group of kids, some new faces and some familiar ones, all ready to get creative together! We started the quarter with decorating sketchbooks that we use in the beginning of each class during "free draw" time. Free draw time is the first 15 minutes of class; the kids come in and draw in their sketchbooks until everyone else arrives. Its a good time and place to do brainstorming for upcoming projects, settle into our creative space, and just draw. We also played a collaborative game where we drew a crazy character together and then shared a story about that character. The kids also introduced themselves and expressed what they would like to do in art class. We got some good ideas and look forward to incorporating them in what looks to be like an awesome new quarter of classes!