Join two childhood friends Bear and Jon as they circle the Earth in 60 Days on a mission, to volunteer, document, and enact a better children's youth program. They will be creating a Online Documentary of the experience to share with the world.

Bear and Jon, life-long friends working together to make an impact in our community through after-school programs on Kaua`i. We chose after school youth programs as means to support the world as we know the youth will one day be the key to new answers and change that the world needs. 


We began our non-profit this past year here at our home on Kauai. We started with three %100 free programs — surfing, martial arts, and fine arts —  addressing and supporting the mind, body, and spirit of the youth f our community. From its success and response there is now a waiting list as the programs expand.


As the foundation grows, we can see the positive impact these programs are already making on the keiki (youth) of our home and want to bring these effects to more people and children.

By bringing communities closer together and supporting the youths potential we know there can be more positive change. 

We are determined to make it the best youth program possible,

which has led us to this trip: learning from the best youth programs around the world to bring back the knowledge and understanding to create an incredibly strong program for our youth at home, then to the world.


By learning from program pioneers around the world with decades of experience, and with strengths ranging from sport or academics, to children in need, to those that deal with creative and spiritual avenues, we will document and bring back the best practices to create a incredible youth program to benefit our youth at home, then show everyone how they can achieve this in their communities.

Our Plan

We will be traveling to the following 8 locations to study, volunteer, and document the best practices of Non Profits from each location.

Locations: Los Angeles California, Fort Myers/Sanibel Island Florida, New York, Paris/Biarritz France, Mumbai India, Jakarta/Bali Indonesia, Auckland New Zealand, and Kauai Hawaii.  

Volunteering: Through volunteer work and research we will gain a deep understanding of these communities and how their solution-based programs are impacting the lives of their youth.

Learning: In each locale we will interview directors of programs, key community individuals, children, experience the roles and relationships between mentor and child, and observe, interview, and collect data on how the existing programs are ran and how to replicate these systems at home and around the world.

Through action in each location with these youth programs we will be able to both learn and share culture and knowledge with each program, building the relationships between our youth programs for a greater impact in the future.


With the entire trip being professionally documented, we will produce a 25-45 min documentary to share our experience with others.

-Our goal is to inspire other communities to start after-school programs in their communities, and give them a jump start to do so.

Template and App

Eventually, we aim to make this platform available to the world online, then through an app.

Through the creation an easy-to-use app with simple and  proven systems used in the programs we visit, we aim to have a framework that raises programs nation wide, and eventually world wide.

After the completion of our trip we plan to work with a Hawai`i based innovation hub to construct and create a platform for the international communities to start grass root movements in their youths growth.

Using technology we can provide a social platform for the world to connect, share and to have tools available to create these programs in their communities. 


Through learning from the best and most innovative youth programs around the world, we will return to Kaua`i to increase the positive impacts our program offers, increasing their size and scope while creating a strong foundation that will change the lives of our keiki through incredible after-school programs that teach awareness, creativity, and strength.

We will then offer detailed steps to other communities that want to do the same.

It takes a village, and on Kaua`i we’re blessed with an incredibly tight knit community that has the ability to help these kids soar. We are dedicated to this mission, and will do everything in our power to make this trip one to benefit the entire community of Kaua`i.

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All donations are tax-deductible through our umbrella organization, Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation (INCF). INCF is a publicly supported charitable corporation working with organizations and programs that take action to assist and improve quality of life.

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