Our Vision

To create a platform that positively affects the future of our island and the relationship we have with it.


Our Goal

To empower the keiki of Kaua`i with the joys of healthy living through action, coaching, and support to the growing seeds of their dreams.



Our Story

By offering fun outlets of physical expression, after- school teaching initiatives, and free athletic events, we will provide a concrete roadmap to healthy living, both physically and mentally, to our youth of Kaua'i.

Each year we will provide three after school programs that allow youth of all backgrounds to participate in for free. Each program will end with a project or event. In the months leading up to these events/projects, our focus will be on elementary and middle school grade level children. These after school activities will help kids not only prepare for each event/project, but to also encourage healthy eating and exercise habits to build a foundation of confidence and strength. Working in tandem, these after-school programs and athletic events will allow kids the opportunity to work towards a shared goal in a supportive environment, building friendships, community, and healthy habits together.

By providing our youth with focus, education, and surrounding them with a vibrant and motivated volunteer force of community roll models, we will highlight how healthy living comes with positive outcomes.

Please join us in helping our keiki of Kaua`i rise above the many problems they’re faced with today and grow into the strong citizens of tomorrow. 


Our Programs

Our programs are two-fold:

1) To inspire and motivate the children of Kaua'i.

2) To demonstrate the importance of staying active, eating healthy, and living a drug free life.

Physical movement can help keep kids bones and muscles strong, reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases, and keep obesity at bay. Additionally, working out provides a mental boost, preventing anxiety and depression and raising serotonin levels.

But it’s not just the physical activity that will help kids, it’s also focus, confidence, and patience that are all cultivated in the athletic realm. The sense of teamwork and community will be built upon and instilled strongly with our Keiki as an added benefit in the foundation, a personal attribute they will carry and share positively through their lives to the benefit of all they meet. Jointly, these after-school programs and athletic events will allow kids the opportunity to work as a team to build trust, confidence, strength, friendships, and healthy habits together.